Forest Abstracts

The tail end of winter still holds some beauty, I just had to look for it.  These first two are details of a beaver pond in the woods that appeared to be new.  These bushes were still alive, albeit dormant for the season.  I loved the patterns the ice made while it was thawing.  All those bubbles.   The color is striking, too, like beer or champagne.  Getting them was a bit of an adventure.  I stood on what I thought was the bank since it was covered with snow, but it wasn’t.  Turns out there was ice under there, too.   Wet socks are not fun, but I laughed my head off, startling a nearby hairy woodpecker.  Luckily it wasn’t that cold so I kept on.  I bet the beavers were laughing, too.

Where Waters Fall Frozen
On Tap

It was a day for staring into icy puddles, too.  This leaf looks as if it’s trying to free itself and I love how different the colors are from the pond pictures.  At first I thought that purple hue was just a goof with the white balance, but it isn’t.  I even reduced the magenta in the image and the blues, it persists.  Just one of the wonders of the forest.


There aren’t too many signs of spring yet, but the birches had a good year.  So many of them are splitting their britches.

Vernal Jubilee

Also saw some porcupine tracks in the snow, so I hope spring isn’t far behind.

I am planning to head out on Saturday with some friends (the same guys I shot the Flume Gorge with last month, plus one more) and hopefully we get cooperative weather.  We’re going to try to find abandoned buildings and do a sunset in the White Mountains.  It’s gonna be a long day, but I hope we find some magic.

8 thoughts on “Forest Abstracts

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  1. Wet socks, had to laugh about that one. Sometimes you have to take one for the team to get the shot 🙂
    That last one of the birch bark is excellent. I’ve been trying to come up with a good close up of my own. Now I have even more to live up too.

  2. thanks guys. At the tail end of winter I really have to keep my eyes open. You should have seen me, Jeff, crunching around and around that tree in the snow. Well, you’ve been out with me and Melissa before, so you can totally imagine it. LOL.

  3. Yeah so I pretty much feel like you put my little “finds” to shame.. well done I like them all. The first has an awesome composition, sticks and curves can be tricky and you did very well, the colors add to it too. The Leaf one needs to be printed and saved.. it just makes you sit there and take it all in, the colors are amazing and you captured the DOF perfectly to allow for deep inspection. And I am a sucker for trees so of course the last one is lovely too, a mundane typical subject some would say, but you again nailed the DOF and brought interest to it, I might have added a bit more contrast as the image overall is kinda light, but that may have been what you were going for, I would have just tried to add a bit more depth with tonal range.
    Great job, thanks for sharing, I like being inspired by other’s work
    take care

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