The Road Not Taken

You know that old saying, hindsight is 20/20?  Some days it smacks me right in the head.  The other day after a lovely few hours in the woods I thought to myself that I should have been a forester or something.  Hubby comes back to say that it doesn’t pay much.  In money, no it doesn’t, but in joy it probably would make me rich.

I stood on a little bridge to take this shot and I stood there quite a long time.  It’s not deep enough to lose the sounds of humanity entirely, but it’s far enough to drown them out a bit.  The brook.  The wind in the trees.  Birds.  It was peaceful and exhilarating at the same time.


Enjoy the Silence

We’re at the tail end of winter and I swear I can feel the forest on edge.  It doesn’t look it, but stuff is happening and it won’t be contained for long.


Winter colors (yellow birch)
Hidden Track

In some of our local forest preserves are stands of unlogged forest, often called virgin forest.  So far I’ve been in two of them and some of the trees literally stop my breath.  One enormous beech (I think it was a beech) drew me off the trail and I stood by it in awe.  Thinking about what it had “witnessed” and how I wish it could talk.  Just for a minute.  Like the Ents.  Unfortunately my photos aren’t close to doing justice to the grand beauty…maybe when it’s crowned with all its leafy glory.  I did find these stupendous hemlocks though.  Practically broke my neck tripping on my showshoes while gazing up at these towering trees.


The Three Graces

It’s so hard to do justice to these massive beings…well, maybe not beings, but they inspire awe in me even if they are only plants.  Often I stop and just touch them to feel the vibrations as they sway in the wind.  I know, I’m nuts, but see…that’s what makes me think I should be working in the woods.  Maybe that would take the joy away, but I still wonder…what if?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I am sure that I was meant to live deep in the country raising animals and working on a farm. But that’s not my life and it’s okay. Maybe you wouldn’t appreciate it as much if it was your ‘office’. I am always amazed at how a short walk in the woods can wash away the stress of the day. I love the photos you took and my favourite is the Three Graces.

  2. I’m with you…the bush, the forest, the woods…whatever word you use, all make me feel great whenever I’m in them. I think working there every day would never tire for me the love of trees and Nature. The Three Graces…did you feel like an ant?…fantastic isn’t it?

  3. well we may not be working in the woods, but we plan on living in the forest – at least on the edge of one – and raising our goats for weed control, once we get moved back to the pacific northwest. we are closer to that goal now. lovely shots you have.

  4. Thanks everyone. I was sort of wondering what a daft post like this would bring in terms of comments. Glad I’m not the only one. Luckily I’m working to get a job where my office will be my house so if I need to run into the woods, it only means going down the street. 🙂

    Woods in the Pacific NW are so completely different from New England and just as mysteriously beautiful. Good luck w/your plans silverylizard.

    Yeah Theresa, that’s the rub…would making it work ruin it? Maybe…the destruction of habitat and species would probably make me cry, but if I were working to prevent that, maybe it wouldn’t. Well, it’s too late now, but maybe as an amateur naturalist and photographer I can help people understand and value the woods.

  5. In the Three Graces picture, the trees really do look like “beings.” Good luck in getting to the forest more. You bring some great photos back with you.

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