Elusive Wildflowers Part 1 – Hepatica

In the event that I get crap out of the camera tomorrow, here’s what I shot today.  All three were shot with my old Olympus 90mm.

The Court

It’s round-lobed hepatica, a very early riser in the spring wildflower pantheon.  And one I’ve never shot before.  The name refers to the leaves which are quite distinctive and so I couldn’t keep them out of my compositions –


Hopefully tomorrow is sunny enough so that they bloom.  Even with them in a nodding position, they are lovely to behold.  Like spring beauties (a similar flower) they are very small and stay nearly buried in leaf-litter most of the time.  The leaves as you can, see, turn a lovely red color and overwinter like that.  I loved the idea of using one as a background and when I saw the arrangement above I went through my usual contortions to capture it.  So hard not to squash other flowers.  Here’s a shot of one that is showing a lavender variation (no color correction needed, btw!) and its old leaf in front.  I love the color combinations of these shots.  Not what is normally seen with wildflowers.


Each plant bears a single flower and so when I found big groups of them I took note of the location for tomorrow.  I hope I can get them flowering and in dappled sunlight.  That would just be so great.  So, here’s hoping!


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