Elusive Wildflowers Part 1.1 – Hepatica in bloom

Phew.  A second trip got me what I wanted.  Hepatica in bloom.  The wind though was relentless and the light harsh, so my photographic options were somewhat limited, but I got a couple that I’m happy with.  This first one is the same group of flowers in the trail that I shot on my first attempt.  So lucky they weren’t crushed by an inattentive hiker.  I had to wait until they were in the shade of a tree so that the detail wouldn’t be blown in the petals.  The light is kind of strange; usually people put the shadow in the background, but I like the contrast.

The Court rejoicing

This second one is bit unusual for a hepatica shot.  I find that most people shoot them at the angle of the one in the background where the petal separation isn’t as obvious.  But this little duo was in a perfect location, light-wise and I love those leaves so I had to include one.  Standing on the hill, waiting for the wind to die down for a second so I could shoot was pretty peaceful.  So much so that an enterprising and friendly garter snake came by to say hello.  It wasn’t even aware of me in a way that threatened it and never stopped in its snakey glide on by in search of lunch.  I love it when that happens.  It feels so harmonious.  Like I’m meant to be there and am not an intruder at all.

Precious and Grace

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