Mmmm, pointy.

My first close encounter with pointed-lobed hepatica - I found some differences from the round-lobed I know well.


Bounty’s beginning

The winner in the first to bloom race is hepatica! One of my favorite wildflowers captured in my own yard.

Springing Forward

Hi peeps. It's me. The phantom photographer. Funny how working full-time makes it hard to get out and shoot. I can't just stop and go out when the light is nice. I can't cancel meetings because it's suddenly overcast and I could go to a waterfall. Even if I do have intentions of going out... Continue Reading →

Elusive Wildflowers Part 1 – Hepatica

In the event that I get crap out of the camera tomorrow, here's what I shot today.  All three were shot with my old Olympus 90mm. It's round-lobed hepatica, a very early riser in the spring wildflower pantheon.  And one I've never shot before.  The name refers to the leaves which are quite distinctive and... Continue Reading →

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