Techniques for using a diffuser with macro photography

Examples of how a diffuser can improve your close up and macro photography.


Two near disasters and coping with direct sun

Exploring a section of the Ice Age trail in (gasp!) full sunlight! Tips and techniques to get the best images even in direct sun. Plus an old habit saves my gear!

Tools of the Task

Lots of people have done a 'what's in my camera bag' type post and have dragged every last bit of kit out of each and every nook and cranny of their bags.  Kind of interesting, but out of all that stuff I'd like to know what a person really uses to create her images.  I... Continue Reading →

Photography Field Tips #1

One of the earliest lessons I learned in photography was to cultivate good field habits.  That is to establish habits and routines that not only help you stay organized, but keep you from going crazy if you have a lot of gear.  Accessories are the kiss of death sometimes and unless you have a way... Continue Reading →

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